Personal Training Services

Women’s Personal Training

Achieve a slim and toned look without bulking up. We’re in the business of encouraging and directing you into better, more sustainable habits, no matter what your history, goals, fitness level, schedule or other circumstances are. Our initial consultation can help you decide whether personal training with us is for you.

Men’s Personal Training

Whether you want a six pack, to bulk up or are simply looking to improve your general fitness and well being, we will deliver the results you want. Our Personal Trainers understand that there’s no point in starting a fitness programme that asks you to run every day if you hate running or eat bean shoots if you don’t like salads. Our ethos is adaptability – we work with you as you are, in yourself and on the day, and not to a strict fitness formula.

Home Training

If finding the time to get to a gym is difficult for you and you just need to get that workout done then we can come to you. For the majority of clients we can devise a training plan that will get the results you want without leaving your home. With the use of minimal equipment, your own body weight and a small space we can create a workout to match any gym session.

Diet and Nutrition

Without the correct approach to food and hydration, any form of fitness training will be ineffective. That’s why it’s important to get it right. We start by listening to your diet history, then come up with a diet plan that’s realistic for you. One of our most important tools in planning your programme is the food diary, which we ask you to keep on a daily basis, so we can monitor your progress and make changes as necessary.

Price List

£35Individual Session
£1004 Sessions / Month
£1608 Sessions / Month
£21012 Sessions / Month

Price on request for for buddy and small group sessions.